Transcript of March 3, 2009 Second Life Roundtable Discussion.

Topic: SLOODLE: Where From and Where To? Special guests Daniel Livingstone (SL: Buddy Sprocket) and Jeremy Kemp (Jeremy Kabumpo)

Photos Courtesy of Olivia Hotshot (visit her blog and Flickr photostream)

Iggy's Notes: Send corrections to iggyo -at- mac -dot- com

The transcript is FULL of good links. Many are to videos about SLOODLE, so for this week I'll simply link from the spot in the transcript.

Tuxedo Ninetails did a wonderful job with voice-to-text transcription. Note that in her remarks below, JK=Jeremey & BS=Buddy

AJ Brooks: Hi everyone, and welcome to this weeks SL Education Roundtable.

Tuxedo Ninetails: AJ: Starting now

Eliasdehart Sixpence: now hear

Tuxedo Ninetails: AJ: Welcoming everyone

Tuxedo Ninetails: Ok

AJ Brooks: These meetings are made possible by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University. We meet here each week at 2:30pm SLT for an hour. Sometimes we have a topic, sometimes its an open forum.

AJ Brooks: oday's meeting is our special first of the month meeting. Our topics is SLOODLE: Where From and Where To? Our special guests are Daniel Livingstone (SL: Buddy Sprocket) and Jeremy Kemp (Jeremy Kabumpo)

Margaret Michalski: IM me if you have trouble

SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 1 of 9 (

Eliasdehart Sixpence: hearing fine now

Jeremy Kabumpo: Hello all!

AJ Brooks: We use VOICE CHAT for these special meetings. If you are having problems, we will try to provide a text chat but you should check the signs behind me or check with Margaret up front here (IM HER) for assistance)

Jennette Forager waves at Jeremy and Buddy.

AJ Brooks: This is a public meeting, so we do keep a transcript of what is said in local chat. For a copy of older transcripts, please visit and for more recent transcripts, please visit

Jeremy Kabumpo waves back

AJ Brooks: As promised, I finally made a sign for the FUTURE MEETINGS, it is on the West wall of the Amphitheater. It is not up to date but will be later or tomorrow, after I make tonight's announcements.

AJ Brooks: The SL Education Roundtable meeting happens each week, but we are looking to develop a community of educators from around the world with a variety of thoughts, needs, and ideas.

Tuxedo Ninetails: AJ: The new meetings sign is up to date

Memoree Lane: Do I have to join a call? if so, which call?

AJ Brooks: Please join the SL EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE group. If you have problems finding it in search, just outside this amphitheater you will see several displays. By clicking the appropriate one you can join the group.

AJ Brooks: As the group grows, there will be announcements and such that will be exclusive to the group. I'm also open for ideas of what can bring value to the group.

AJ Brooks: Since many have asked, there is a program running here on the CHSSSouth island called the CHSSSouth FREE LAND INITIATIVE. Details can be found in the notegiver on the wall to my right (your left) and also the appropriate display located outside the amphitheater.

AJ Brooks: Please wander around the island - after the meeting or come back any time. We're currently up to 32 different educational community members.

AJ Brooks: Aside from the island we are currently on, and the land initiative, we also have two other educational islands adjoining to the north. There are also numerous learning areas on these adjoining islands, Montclair State CHSS and Montclair State CEHSADP. Wander around and enjoy.

AJ Brooks: Join us on FACEBOOK:

AJ Brooks: Speaking of social networking tools, something else quite new.

AJ Brooks: Massive thanks to Olivia Hotshot for putting together a Flickr group for the SLER. She has also graciously provided instructions on how to join the group. I encourage everyone to join the group and to take pictures from our meeting and add them to the group. Its a great way to show, and grow, our community.

Jennette Forager: oooh!

Jennette Forager: Yeah Olivia!

Tuxedo Ninetails: Yay Olivia!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: HOOORAY!

Olivia Hotshot: smilling big

AJ Brooks: Finally, if you have Mystitool on, or other similar tool, please put it to sleep or detach it for now. :-) It tends to lag things.

Tuxedo Ninetails: AJ: Normally we sit around the roundtable - back to that next week

Tuxedo Ninetails: AJ: This week's topic is SLOODLE: Where from, where to?

Tuxedo Ninetails: AJ: Format is Jeremy and Buddy will make a presentation and then time for Q&A

Tuxedo Ninetails: AJ: Welcome to post questions into public chat but best to send questions to AJ

Tuxedo Ninetails: AJ: Over to Buddy and Jeremy

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: I am daniel livingstone, one of the cofounders of this project

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Also teach computer game technology at University of West Scotland near GLasgow

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Beein involved in SLOODLE since 2006 - enjoye3d watching the community grow

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Jeremy will be using text chat

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: We will show a video about SLOODLE


Jeremy Kabumpo: I am Jeremy Kemp. I teach at San Jose State University in the school library and information sciences.
SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 2 of 9 (

Jeremy Kabumpo: I count 40 avatars with voice active - One thing I really like to do at the beginning of a presentation in Second Life is to ask the audience: "What school or organization are you with?" (Please chat)

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Here's the video now

AJ Brooks is Offline

Dixxie Sweetwater: University of Arizona

JeanClaude Vollmar: I'm Jeff Le Blanc from the University of Northwestern Ohio

Weave Oldrich: Delaware Technical and Community College

Margaret Michalski: University of Illinois at Chicago

Grinn Pidgeon: Cuyahoga Community College

Beau Markova: Long Island University

K12 Hermit: University of Arizona

Esparanza Freese: Kansas State University

MelanieRose Silvercloud: Raritan Valley Community College, NJ

Sanguine Writer: Nova Southeastern University

Geoff Lumley: University of Leeds, UK

Jock Bing: Californias Satate University, Chico

Roux Rexen: University of Texas at San Antonio

hobbs Constantine: Western Governors University

Tuxedo Ninetails: U of Melbourne, Australia

Eliasdehart Sixpence: Tulsa Community College, Okla.

Olivia Hotshot: CSU Chico

PI Illios: University of Puerto Rico

Talus Nemeth: Columbia College Chicago

Jessica Knapp: Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Wonderalica Alturas: I'm from Uruguay and I run my own school

Buddy Sprocket wonders if we made AJ crash?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Joe Essid, U of Richmond Writing Center

Memoree Lane: University of Central Florida

Gala Robonaught: Louisiana Tech University

Elani Matova: The Sage Colleges

Guido Scarmon: University of Arizona South, MS Educational Technology

Robin Mochi: George Fox University Portland Oregon USA

Bluewave Ogee: University if Texas at Austin

Arlanders Rae: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Jeremy Kabumpo: I love the asked that question! The answer always reminds us that we are much larger than our avatars would lead us to believe

Zotarah Shepherd: Sonoma State University - MA Student

Jeremy Kabumpo: is anyone not able to see the video?

Olivia Hotshot claps (as do several others as the first video ends)

Jeremy Kabumpo: We are using a relatively new technology for Sloodle

Jeremy Kabumpo: be sure to press the play button next to the movie icon

Bluewave Ogee: yep - saw the video. Lively ... music. :-)

Margaret Michalski: nice

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Good to start with some music

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Start talking about origins of SLOODLE


Jeremy Kabumpo: this is a two-minute video concerning the origins of the project.

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Another video coming up - first concept video about SLOODLE by JEremy

Jeremy Kabumpo: The project came about when Daniel and I worked together on a couple of papers. One of the papers was an overview of second life as a distance education media

Eliasdehart Sixpence: does it play for everyone at the same time? or individually?

Jeremy Kabumpo: the second paper was a concept paper that we called a white paper

Jeremy Kabumpo: You can find a white paper here:

Buddy Sprocket: /@elias... it is not streamed, so can be slight difference in time

Jeremy Kabumpo: we wanted to create a learning system that nearer the opportunities for students in a typical learning management system (or in the British sense eight virtual learning environment)

Jeremy Kabumpo: so the video coming is very rough and ugly.

Jeremy Kabumpo: This is a video that shows the original gathering of people and some of the original concept designs.

SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 3 of 9 (

Jeremy Kabumpo: I will wait for the video to end.

Buddy Sprocket: no audio on this one

Jeremy Kabumpo: This is the very first prototype.

Wonderalica Alturas: sorry I still see the same first one playing again.....

Bluewave Ogee: same video :-)

Tuxedo Ninetails: I see the new one

ALALibraryVal Miles: So do I

JeanClaude Vollmar: I see the new one too

Robin Mochi: I see the new one but no sound this time

ALALibraryVal Miles: Lag?

Buddy Sprocket: stop and start your media if you see same one as before

Weave Oldrich: I had to hit pause then play on my media control icon

Jeremy Kabumpo: If you are seeing the old video, try starting and stopping your video player

Bluewave Ogee: got it

Jeremy Kabumpo: the video shows a set of screens from the learning management system and then demonstrates how they would be translated to three-dimensional objects

Jeremy Kabumpo: you can see three different arrangements in the learning management system screens

Jeremy Kabumpo: the original concept for it project was that the geographical layout of only learning management system screen would be translated in physical objects to the three-dimensional setting


Buddy Sprocket: you might recognise the angrybeth whiteboard being used to show what the moodle LMS pages look like ;-)

Jennette Forager claps

Olivia Hotshot claps

Jeremy Kabumpo: so you can see that the objects come in the place based upon the position of the controls on the learning management system screen

Ignatius Onomatopoeia applauds

Jeremy Kabumpo: some of the features here are shared in the current version, while some of the features are of end

Jeremy Kabumpo: abandoned

Jeremy Kabumpo: for instance: the current system that uses metaphors to describe information in the learning management system database

Jeremy Kabumpo: but we have since scrapped the geographic positioning for the most part

Jeremy Kabumpo: I think this video is almost 3 minutes long and most of you have probably finished it

Jeremy Kabumpo: so that was the original presentation given in the fall of 2006
SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 4 of 9 (

Jeremy Kabumpo: almost nothing in that presentation was functional (by the way) Montclair State CHSSSouth Free Land Initiative - Faire:

Jeremy Kabumpo: let me show you a single object and describe to you the way that it did function

Jeremy Kabumpo: this table but you can see in front of us is an example of a functioning tease

Jeremy Kabumpo: this very simple object connected to an RSS feed

Jeremy Kabumpo: this was chat-activatedJeremy Kabumpo: this RSS feed tool is not yet implemented in the project, but could easily be so.

Jeremy Kabumpo: That's all I have to say for now.

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: THe idea was that the SLOODLE Classroom would create 3D objects that would represent the way the normal LMS page was laid out

Jeremy Kabumpo: Let me say: this is why it failed.

Jeremy Kabumpo: This is an example where a form follows function

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Not a lot of this has happened yet, but we hope that it will come back in the future

Jeremy Kabumpo: we were overly focused on the shape of things and not how the things were used

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Round the time of this, we had web intercom

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: A chat tool

Jeremy Kabumpo: Web intercom is BY FAR the most useful item to date.

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Early idea was to get a group of people together to trial this and provide feedback]

Jeremy Kabumpo: !! :-)

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Small grants associated with this allowed Buddy to visit JERemy

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: LARge grant has been awarded as a 12 month project, now extended to two years

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Grant supports an admin person and allows Jeremy and Buddy to support SLOODLE users.

Jeremy Kabumpo: I think it is fair to say: this must be in the top five largest grants awarded for projects focused on secondlife specifically?

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Jeremy was the first to see the possibilities

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Certainly in the top 10 grants to do research in SL
SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 5 of 9 (

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Web page loading now

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: AJ is having problems staying can IM your questions to the panelists to me

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: FirSt implementation proved the concept

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: Since 2006 LSL scripts have been able to make calls to web pages and other external data

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: Greenhouse grant gave $25,000 grant to a professor at Ball State U

Buddy Sprocket: sorry, tuxedo is doing a great job transcribing here
SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 6 of 9 (

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: He cited SLOODLE in one of his papers

Jeremy Kabumpo: oh buddy

ALALibraryVal Miles: Buddy is a fluffy green cloud....

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: she is..thanks Tux....

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: THIS is a similar interoperability system created by Rivers Run Red (RRR) with support from Linden Labs (LL)

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK:
SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 7 of 9 (

Buddy Sprocket: / aside... the RRR immersive workspaces is *not* open source

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: ANGEL started as an open source project and is done in VISual Basic

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: YES, Moodle is open source

Jeremy Kabumpo: right now we are 100% grant funded -

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: WE are grant funded with volunteers

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: EDUSERV Is the funding body

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: WORkspaces - commercial product

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Can be hard to get even a demo of it

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: NO room to modify it

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: MOOdle has the capacity to be changed

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: ALL the source code is free

Jeremy Kabumpo: Edmund Edgar

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: ED (Someone) developed our quiz tool

Jeremy Kabumpo: And he is British but lives in Japan

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Assessments done in SL feeds data back to MOODLE

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: WE are keen to talk to people who are interested in this activity

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: We don't mind if they are competing, as long as the products are open source

SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 7 of 9 (

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: NExt couple of videos have the voice of PEdro MAcmillan (In SL)

Jeremy Kabumpo: this might be an interesting time to talk about how our community grew.

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: HeÕs now a PHD student at UWS

Buddy Sprocket: sloodle 0.4

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Nothing from these videos has been uploaded to SL - all fed in via the presentation tools

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: WE feed in the URLS, click a button, and they are all ready to be shown in SL

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: SOME recently contributed code has added display PDFs in SL

Buddy Sprocket: hopefully you can hear that

Jeremy Kabumpo: ImageMajik

Buddy Sprocket: that was one click! to add those slides!

Buddy Sprocket: no, he just submitted the code...

Wonderalica Alturas: is it possible to see this video from a link you can provide?

Buddy Sprocket: we'd never met or talked to him before!

Buddy Sprocket: sure... one second

Robin Mochi: yes, that would be it on youtube?

Wonderalica Alturas: thanks

Buddy Sprocket: (firewalls can be an issue!)

Eliasdehart Sixpence: Do different media use different network ports? I was trying to listen to a live event elsewhere & couldn't hear.

Eliasdehart Sixpence: I.e., at another sim

Buddy Sprocket:

Wonderalica Alturas: thanks!

Fire Centaur: Hi everyone

Wonderalica Alturas: hi Fire

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: a small number of people do a lot of coding etc then a wider community of 50 - 100 people are actively engaged

Fire Centaur: Happy to be here too!

Robin Mochi: Link to video just shown. I think

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: FIRE Centaur who is here now has been great in developing web apps for SLOODLE

Tuxedo Ninetails: Pedro has developed a guidebook on how to write apps for SLOODLE

Fire Centaur: Its quite a great structure Peter has created

Fire Centaur: I was able to produce tools using his code with not more that a couple of weeks of study...

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: THIS has been important in learning how to use SLOODLE IN different class settings and structures

Fire Centaur: (at the developer level)

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Meetings now focus more on how to use it rather than on the technical aspects

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: MOre emphasis on developing the community of practice

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: GREAT--we had a discussion of moving from talking about tools to pedagogy on SLED

Fire Centaur: which is great, if other teams what to pick up and use the sloodle framework

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: Let's move on to talking about the future now...

Jeremy Kabumpo: now we have a video....

Buddy Sprocket:

Buddy Sprocket: sorry wrong link...

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: New video showing now

Buddy Sprocket: no that was right the first time ! blush

SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 1 of 9 (

Robin Mochi: Here's the link to the video just shown

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Looking at making SLOODLE SCORM compliant

Tuxedo Ninetails: Yes

Poppy Crumb: vaguely

Wonderalica Alturas:

Tuxedo Ninetails: but explain it anyway

Wonderalica Alturas: this one works

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: SCORM IS A way of packaging different content (EG Flash, webby stuff) that is reusable across different learning management systems

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Some government-funded projects require SCORM compliance

Jeremy Kabumpo: SCORM is a format for creating a "manifesto" for a chuck of leanring content. Moodle is friendly to scorm - and much of the activity in that area seems to be on integrating quiz content into the gradebook

Jeremy Kabumpo: a "chunk" of content...

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: YOU Could be in a classroom space, have links that take you to different web resources, complete activities such as SCORM Compliant learning objects

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: This could all be integrated through SLOODLE

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Discussion time now

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: questions before they jump ahead to the future?

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: Time for discussion now - any questions?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: they are in awe :)

Tuxedo Ninetails: Q: How would you describe the learning curve involved in getting your head around this?


Margaret Michalski: What time do you have these Sloodle meeting?

JeanClaude Vollmar: How much of this stands alone? What I mean is, can some of these work independently from Moodle?

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: SOME of the tools work independently but most are about getting content from the web

JeanClaude Vollmar: We use ANGEL is why I asked.

Bluewave Ogee: How about just a "pdf Player"? :-)

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: SOME of what we have done could be replicated by doing this with notecards etc. but there is not much benefit. They work well together

Buddy Sprocket: margaret, all: sloodle meetings:

Buddy Sprocket: SLOODLE 101 classes, Tuesdays 1.30pm SL Time

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: AngelÕs head of development has seen PRImDROP and they like this

Buddy Sprocket: great opportunity to learn more about SLOODLE and get a hands on demo

Jennette Forager adds it to her calendar

Talus Nemeth: what are the most common learning activities being conducted using SLOODLE (i.e. types of assignments)?

Tuxedo Ninetails: PRIMDROP allows an object to be created in world and a report to be sent to MOODle

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Community meeting Tues. 1:00 pm SLT AND Wed class 7 am SLT OR 2pm SLT

Jeremy Kabumpo: excellent!

Jennette Forager: at the 7am mtg?

Jennette Forager: thanks

Buddy Sprocket: 2pm sltime tomorrow

AJ Brooks is Offline

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Eric Hackthorn will be talking about their use of SLOODLE For orientation classes. THIs willb e 2 pm tomorrow SLT

Bluewave Ogee: stand alone - How about just a "pdf Player"? :-)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Tux asked about the learning curve for SLOODLE

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: TYPES OF presentations. LAST week a person with 100s of students for language learning is using PRIMDRop extensively

Buddy Sprocket: bluewave, could be done - need to mod the code

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: THEY ALSO use the web intercom a lot. I THINK this is our strongest feature at the moment

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: IT allows people in and out of world to communicate, but is also great for asynchronous communication

Talus Nemeth: thanks for your response.

Bluewave Ogee: TY, Buddy - Verrry interesting. Many of us work in environments that do not require Moodle/Sloodle front end -- just the discrete apps. :-)

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: YES, web based LMSs are good for asynchronous communications whereas the natural way in VWs is synchronous. Asynchronous in VWs is more challenging. SLOODLE addresses this

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: RE learning curve, start with one or two tools, then add more as you get comfortable with this.

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: SLOODLE !101 classes will get you up and running in a few weeks

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Getting good at using tools is a lifelong journey

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Margaret asked, "Do they have an official facebook page or some other preferred form of contact?"

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Technical skills for using SLOODLE shouldn't take more than a few hours, particularly if you come to the classes

Buddy Sprocket:

Buddy Sprocket: has forums that are pretty active
SLOODLE Presenter (SLER - Mar 09): Showing entry 1 of 9 (

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: WHEN YOU Look at Croquet or Wonderland etc they are all in a sense focussed on corporate training, distributed teams etc. THIS is not a typical mode for college students

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: ONe of the key motives for distance learning for college students is the time shift capacity.

Jeremy Kabumpo: Rivers Run Red tagline: "THE WEB + VIRTUAL WORLDS = REAL-TIME COLLABORATION"

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: BEST ways of getting feedback are using the forums at

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: These are active and best way of getting a quick response

Jeremy Kabumpo: Croquet = "create and deploy deeply collaborative multi-user online virtual world applications on and across multiple operating systems and devices"

Bluewave Ogee: Bluewave's tagline: The web + VWs = rapid collaboration platform

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: THERE are also forums for developers

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: Open to anyone to join

Bluewave Ogee: This has been great, Gentlemen. Thank you :-)

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: We give SLURLS And time for out classes and meetings

Jeremy Kabumpo: "Project Wonderland is a 100% Java and open source toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. Within those worlds, users can communicate with high-fidelity, immersive audio, share live desktop applications and documents and conduct real business.".

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: There is also a link on the page for the SLOODLE Blog

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: YOU can also get RSS feeds from the forums

Tuxedo Ninetails: JK: New update coming shortly

Buddy Sprocket: / Our current news is the release of SLOODLE 0.4 in beta in a couple of weeks

Ignatius Onomatopoeia puts on AJ hat for a second...we are about at our end-time. Any final questions?

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: PDF code will probably be an update after the next release

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: will be a great feature!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Other remarks from our panel? Questions?

Tuxedo Ninetails: BS: VERy soon cos it's great!

Jeremy Kabumpo: A hearty "Thank you!" to our hosts

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: sure--what's that SLURL?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Let's all give them a big round of applause!

Buddy Sprocket: sloodle summary sheet:

Tuxedo Ninetails: APPLAUSE!!!

Talus Nemeth: thank you!

[many more thank yous and applause]

Buddy Sprocket: meeting tomorrow with Eric Hackathorn - 2pm sl time:

Tuxedo Ninetails: Thanks a lot guys - plan to be at the session tomorrow

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: thanks to Tux for her voice-to-text work and to Margaret for helping with voice today


Profesora Farigoule: yes tysm Tux!!!

Margaret Michalski: glad to help

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I'll have the transcript online in a day or so...check the group notes and SLED

Zotarah Shepherd: Yay Tux

Tuxedo Ninetails: :) Thanks

Buddy Sprocket: yup, thanks to Montclair State, AJ, Tux, Iggy and Margaret for making this really easy!